How many iPods do we need? Just the newest one.

That new iPod comes out and you want it – seriously – how many of us have 4 or 5 of these in various vintages kicking around the house?  Thankfully we can spend even more on an iPhone now!  Those upgrades are a bit more dear – but we just have to have that latest functionality!   You may be able to relate to this spoof on the Feist Apple 123 ad  (click on the dance scene)

Marketers regularly use the Diffusion of Innovation theory in their target marketing process.  What Marketers might call the “fast followers” is the same target Kadushin is calling those post “early adopters” when he discusses “Opinion Leadership”.

Who is a credible source for you?  When Marketers want to influence target audience opinions this will be a question they focus on.  You value what your trusted friends are saying about a new restaurant experience or a new product.  If they are a credible source – it’s much more powerful than traditional paid advertising.    Those traditional ad budgets are shrinking – and being redeployed in non-paid PR tactics and efforts to create some buzz and word-of-mouth (wom).  I might even hire a company like matchstick

They will hire “brand seeders” on a freelance basis.  These “seeders” are close in age or lifestyle to their clients target consumer.   They are paid to identify potential influencers – this is done through research – the brand seeders are then provided samples to give to the influencers (opinion leaders).  They are encouraged and NOT paid to share their honest opinions AND disclose their relationship with matchstick (full transparency).  The hope is genuine WOM positive comments about the brand.    Seems a tad insidious?  With new tools big corporations will adapt their strategies and continue to try to persuade you.  Don’t get me started on Big Tobacco and their loophole marketing strategies!

There is a lot of power in this word of mouth advertising – so much so it has its own Marketing Association Womma.

*Thanks Google Images

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