The evolving participatory culture — beautiful

Our Social Network class professor @KateMilberry embedded many different video clips and live Skype guest speakers into her course curriculum.  She took the theory and made it real, brought it to life, whether it was through her own network of professionals and friends as our virtual guests in class or through the technology of YouTube or invigorating class discussion.  One video we viewed was of Henry Jenkins, an ‘academic rock star” — someone who truly lives by what he lectures on and studies.    His specialty is participatory culture.

I felt Jenkins would be an appropriate salute and final reflection for my last class blog post.

As my classmates and I worked through an intensive two courses in three weeks —  I call it the tsunami of knowledge — the participatory culture blossomed.   This was enabled by the ability to network face-to-face, and through the social media networks we established for the course, predominantly Twitter, but many others as well.  We truly demonstrated Jenkins key ideas.   We used the technology to participate and improve ourselves and others.  We threw out ideas and they came back in improved ways…

Henry Jenkins Key Ideas around Participatory Culture

  1.  Relatively low barriers for engagement (easy and free to join all social networking sites we used be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Docs, the class Wiki,  Dropbox, or email AND it was encouraged through the course itself)
  2. Strong support for sharing creations with others (@katemilberry encouraged sharing but also individuality in approach to presentations including the class content and assignments, this sets the stage for collaboration)
  3. Informal mentorship (some class members have more experience with the tools and skills and were proud to share what they knew, every individual in the cohort has some special talent or skill worth tapping into)
  4. Members believe their contributions matter  (The culture reinforces this)
  5. Care about others opinions of self and worth (bonding capital is born, this culture of participation creates a strong will to reciprocate and the diversity of ideas from many truly makes us better.

        “Not every member must contribute, but all must believe they are free to contribute when ready and that what they contribute will be appropriately valued.”

Sourced from TEDx link here.

Image sourced from Google

2 thoughts on “The evolving participatory culture — beautiful

  1. Andrea says:

    You hit the nail on the head Teresa and captures so much of what makes our cohort special I think. We all approached the three weeks as a team, together as one, working through all the problems and celebrating the successes. What an amazing microcosm of efficiency and true team spirit. My goal is to try and bring that “can-do” attitude to everything I work on. I think it sets a good example for others and can accomplish a lot! Thanks for the great parting words 🙂

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