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Pay it Forward

In Comm506 class yesterday we had the pleasure of a Skype guest lecture from Dr. Raul Pacheco of the University of British Columbia.  After his lecture I checked out his blog and twitter account.   He is definitely what author Kadushan would call a “power node”.  My net impression from the lecture and online footprint  – he’s a bit of a new age renaissance man.

It was interesting to hear some of his tips on building his online brand with social media.  He talked to us about his digital footprint and the strategies he uses to manage his multiple online tools which he indicated reflect his brand both personally and professionally.  He reinforced that they aren’t mutually exclusive and are more effective as a result.   As a marketer I know great brands are built over time and by staying relevant and connected to the people who support you.   It doesn’t matter if you are a NAIT college grad or Proctor & Gamble.   I found his lecture relevant as I have a presence on several  social media tools across professional and personal audiences.  I am fascinated thinking about our individual brand voice and whether it is consciously or unconsciously different across the platforms.  If there had been more time I would have liked to pick his brain on that topic.  That would be a killer research topic.

So top tips and take aways for me:

Be generous.  Share the content of others with your networks.  Practice reciprocity and add value to others.

I would call this a  “pay it forward” strategy — a very nice philosophy and outlook on life.   So, thanks @raulpacheco


Who is the fairest of them all?

On reading the first few chapters of the Social Networking text my colleague Judith commented that some of the social networking concepts  were reminiscent of  going back to high school.  What a fun anology!  But yes, basic network concepts recognize within many of our life networks some members are clearly more powerful, “popular” or better connected than others.   This chapter had me reflecting on the multitude of networks that I have based on the different roles or hats that I wear in my life; mother, instructor, colleague, friend, master’s student, triathlete etc…  It was interesting to consider the overlaps within my networks, in terms of considering the concept of “multiplexity” and “homophily” – how birds of a feather really do flock together.  I was also reminded of the “six degrees of separation” concept.   A fun way to approach this concept is through

This game is based on the “Small World” concept and the idea that actors within the Hollywood movie industry can be linked to actor Kevin Bacon within six steps (well this varies actually).   The connection between Bacon and another actor is expressed as the “Bacon Number”.  This is a silly but fun way to demonstrate how the two factors of homophily and weak ties (friends of friends) work together to shorten the connections among a large group of nodes in a network.  The most connected actor is apparently Sean Connery with a bacon number of 2.8 and the average is 2.9.  So in this case, he is the fairest of them all!  This site is based on the Erdos number concept as applied to the movie industry.