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Today’s Mobile Phone Business Etiquette: Rude or Acceptable?

I undertook this research topic as my  final capping project for the University of Alberta Master of Arts in Communications & Technology.  The final report can be accessed here: Sturgess.

This exploratory research study examines employers’ views on whether technology etiquette in business is an issue and investigates their expectations for appropriate workplace behaviors. With mobile telephone technology now so pervasive, our behaviors and attitudes regarding the practice and etiquette of communication appear to be in flux. The impetus for exploring this topic came from observing the mobile phone etiquette crimes committed by my business college students at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). I wondered if business employer perceptions were similar to mine, and where responsibility resides for educating students – colleges or employers. To investigate this question, in-depth in-person semi-structured interviews were conducted with a purposive non-random sample of six Edmonton business employers representing the six different advisory boards within the JR School of Business (Marketing – Advertising, Marketing – Sales, Finance, Accounting, Management, and Human Resources). The findings were analyzed within the theoretical framework of Bandura’s social learning theory, and informed by the theories of Goffman and Meyrowitz regarding how appropriate behaviours are acquired in society.   Cell-phone-630x420

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Research revealed this to be a popular topic across academic literature and many other mediums.

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