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We’ll be back!

The last time we talked about the Occupy Movement as a cohort we were taking our history of technologies course.   I sang to you the Buffalo Springfield song “there’s something happening here, what is it ain’t exactly clear…stop, children, what’s that sound.  Everybody look what’s going down…” (1967)

We had a great discussion about this movement, and we collectively criticized the way it was being reported by the mainstream media.   Douglas Rushkoff’s article early on in the protest did I very good job of capturing the essence of the movement and why we can’t compare it to previous historical protests.  The mainstream media  criticized the movement for it’s lack of focus and multiple and conflicting messages – which was exactly  their plan – there was so much to be angry about.  The movement was collectively pissed off about any number of things.  But mainly the growing disparity in the incomes of the majority (the 99%) and the well heeled 1%.

Where has the movement gone?

In fact when I looked to update myself today, they were in the news.  With more of us packing around smart phones there is much more liklihood that news events of the day are going to be recorded by civilian journalists.  In the case of the first Occupy protester, Alexander Arbuckle, on trial for his involvement, it helped him to be equitted as video evidence contradicted the arrest claims.  He had nothing to do with it.

This was my post from back in October, 2011 and I still think the global rich list data is interesting :  “I think this Occupy movement has a complex story to tell and that may explain why they (the media) are just scratching the surface.  Time will tell on this.  I think this is not a “revolution” – but an “evolution” and I am really interested to see where it goes.   One thing I caught out of the back end of a CBC interview on The Current yesterday was interesting.    In Canada – you are in the “1%” if you make over $400,000/year.  But consider this — If you make $55,000/ year you are in the top 1% in the world and if you make just $1000 a year you are still richer than half the people on the earth.  This according to the Global Rich List.    This in no way justifies why corporate CEOs or even athletes and celebrities should be compensated in the manner they are – but compared to many societies – we are the 99% that they aspire to.    http://www.globalrichlist.com/

We have a lot to be concerned with in the world.  But thankfully we are concerned from the vantage point of a Canadian, we have it relatively pretty good, and I think that fuels generosity.

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